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Generating a New Authorization Code - Advanced Support (7GX)

Below are the required steps to disconnect your 7GX encoder from GPX Stream servers and reconnect it.
This may be required if your device loses connection to our servers and is unable to reconnect automatically, or if the credentials expire after multiple months of a system being offline.

If instructed by our support team only, follow the steps below to restore your connection.

Power on your device and ensure it has an active cellular connection
Reset the current authorization (if applicable)
Generate a new access code

This article is available as a video guide by clicking here or at the bottom of this page.

These advanced support articles are to be followed and attempted only if instructed by our support staff. Attempting to perform there operations without the assistance of our support staff will lead to a device that will not be able to connect or stream to GPX Stream servers.

Step 1 - Power and Connections

Power and internet connection
Before you begin, ensure your 7GX encoder is powered up, with the modem connected. This operation requires a valid and active SIM card with an active data plan.

The display on the device must also show the following icon in the top left corner.

Cellular Network Icon - this is a static icon, it is either on or off to show if the video encoder has an internet connection. It does not indicate the actual signal strength

This icon appears when a modem is connected to the 7GX encoder and has succesfully connected to a wireless network. However, it is not a full-proof method of determining if the SIM card has an active data plan. Any valid SIM card, whether on an active wireless plan or not, will connect to it's assigned network, and display the symbol above. However, for this process to succeed, the SIM card must have an active data plan through your service provider, and this plan must allow for hotspot data.

Attempting to generate a new code without an active internet connection such, as the one described above, will fail.

Please see our other support articles if you need assistance making sure your SIM card is correctly installed, APN settings are correct, and your Node modem correctly plugged in.

Step 2 - Resetting the current authorization

Once Step 1 is completed, use the black joystick on the right side of your device to navigate the menus as per the instructions below:

Scroll right on the joystick to access the "Main Menu"
Scroll down 6 times on the joystick until "Cloud Setup" is highlighted
Press down on the joystick to enter the "Cloud Setup" menu
Scroll down 5 times until "Deauthorize" is highlighted. If you do not see "deauthorize", skip the remaining items in this list and go to Step 3.
Press down on the joystick, and wait for the "Logging Out" message to dissapear
Once the message dissapears, the "Deauthorize" button is replaced by "[Login]

Step 3 - Generating a new access code

While in the "Cloud Setup" menu, after performing the steps above, the "[Login]" button should be highlighted.

Press down on the joystick with "[Login]" highlighted

If the device has an active internet connection, the screen on the device will now show:
Dev. Code: #####


When the authorization code appears on screen, please communicate it to your support agent and keep your device powered until further notice.

Do not change screens or press cancel.

The support agent will use the code provided to reconnect your device to GPX Stream servers.
With your device reconnected to our servers, our support agent will verify that all settings are correct, and that your device is configured on the correct server.
Upon completion, the support agent will advise that power can be turned off to the system.


Code not being generated?

If the "Getting Code" message disappears, and the screen returns to the "Cloud Setup" menu with the "[Login]" button highlighted, this indicates the device was not able to connect to the internet and generate a new code.

Before further diagnosis, the connection issue will have to be resolved through one of the following options
Connect the modem to a Windows computer, while disabling all other internet connections (Wi-Fi, Ethernet,...), and attempt to establish a connection through the modem. (Further assistance on this point is beyond the scope of GPX Stream support, but information can be found online)
Try with a different, known-good SIM card inserted in the modem
Swap the modem with another, known-good modem and SIM card.


Updated on: 02/06/2023

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